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How We Work

The beauty of Oyster Outcomes is the flexibility we apply to working with you

We have four service areas, which each complement one another, which means we can bring in the right people at the right time, to work on your identified assignment. We can scale our resources up or down on assignments and depending on your goals.

We build strong and lasting relationships with the organisations we are privileged to work with.

Oyster Outcomes offers an initial 90-minute free-of-charge consultation which enables us to understand what you are hoping to achieve.

We will then write to you with a proposal of recommended package/s of work.


About Us

“Oyster Outcomes, now established for five years, was a business in the making for many years before. It is founded on the principle of sharing deep and diverse knowledge and expertise with others, to enable them to go on to create their own successes.

There’s been a seismic change to the world of work, industry and society since I joined the workforce in the 1990s, and this has been further rocked by the impact of Covid-19. Expectations of consumers continues to grow, technology and AI enables businesses, individuals and connectivity in ways our ’90s selves would never have imagined, and competition is unrelenting. To thrive in such a competitive climate, organisations are under pressure to differentiate, whilst delivering more for less. This is where Oyster Outcomes can help.

The Oyster Outcomes’ team hosts a wide spectrum of skills and experience ranging from the general management disciplines of retail management to business strategy, HR lifecycle, employee and client engagement, assurance & governance and marketing & communication. We are committed learners, continually reviewing our work and applying new findings to our next project.

Please get in touch – we would love to find out more about our opportunity to work together.”

Felicity Gasparro – Owner and Managing Consultant, Oyster Outcomes Ltd

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