Governance & Assurance

We can help you safeguard against your organisation becoming too introspective

We provide the right skills and expertise to add value and progress your mission

Are you concerned your operation has become too inward-looking? Are you limiting your perspective by doing what you’ve always done, just because you’ve always done it?

Times are changing, and hiring a Non Executive Director or Critical Friend, with fresh and diverse insight and objectivity, can provide the vital skills and expertise which add value and progress your mission. With many years of our Associates working in Assurance, we are well placed to support your organisation get the best by receiving an honest perspective from one of the team.

We will provide organisational assurance by asking the difficult questions, generating insight into current state, and make progressive recommendations with the express aim of producing strong outcomes.

We also offer objective, outcome-focused facilitation workshops and events to enable you to develop ideas together. In doing so, and through the process of collaboration, you will create ideas and strategies to give you an enlightened focus.

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