Professor Ellie Highwood

Associate Consultant, Coach and Equasense Founder

About and Experience 


Ellie is the founder of Equasense, providing diversity and inclusion consultancy and training. She is driven by her core values of fairness and enabling others, to help organisations develop meaningful strategies and actions so that they and ALL their people thrive. Current clients include universities, professional societies and a national vegetable box supplier. She previously led D&I strategy at the University of Reading for 4 years with a focus on gender and race equality.

Effective D&I training and strategy needs to be developed in the context of the specific organisation and sector. One size does not fit all. Ellie develops bespoke solutions for organisations, including facilitating strategy and action plan development, reviewing existing D&I strategies, and providing a range of training and coaching where internal HR and L&D capacity or expertise needs a boost. She believes in a partnership approach with HR and the leadership team of the organisations with which she works, using her facilitation and coaching training to work effectively with individuals, small and large groups.

Coaching and Mentoring

Ellie has over 20 years of coaching, mentoring, teaching and leadership experience in Higher Education, completing her Henley Business School qualification in 2019. The common theme to roles she held at the University of Reading was working with people to enable them to develop and grow. She led the world-renowned Meteorology Department and was recently the Dean of Diversity and Inclusion. Ellie’s now launched her own coaching practice – SendThemSoaring- with clients in education and science, and including career changers from several sectors.

Coaching Philosophy

As a coach, Ellie Coaching provides breathing space and dedicated time for her clients to focus on what is important to them, and Ellie coaches to supporting her clients to work through reflection, questions, and challenge. She coaches with the belief that “People are naturally creative, resourceful and whole”. Ellie uses a range of tools and techniques, tailored to the client. Clients are encouraged to identify an area of focus or goal and then explore the options available. Sessions usually conclude with support to formulate next steps.

Ellie Highwood

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