Marcus Gibbons

Health and Safety Instructor

About and Experience

Prior to becoming a freelance instructor, Marcus gained over 40 years experience in the British Army, where he carried out a variety of managerial, training and performing roles, primarily connected with music.

Alongside this, he pursued continuous development and professional qualifications in specialisms including Health & Safety and First Aid.  Fast forward many years and Marcus has now delivered hundreds of courses with a variety of delegates. Upon retirement from the Army, he was delighted to accept an invitation to join Oyster Outcomes as one of their team of Associates.

Philosophy and approach

Marcus aims to blend professionalism, knowledge and humour when running his courses. Feedback and the success rates from his delegates confirm they engage and learn more when having fun. This is also demonstrated by the fact he is regularly invited back to businesses to complete further training.

He plans his training to appeal to a variety of learning styles, imparting his skills and knowledge through mediums such as practical involvement, videos, quizzes and role play. He ensures his training knowledge is kept up to date by attending development courses every year.

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