Introducing Diane Gibbons! (and i-act training)

We are so pleased to announce #oysteroutcomes is developing its offering in Mental Health Consulting Services, and we are proud to be offering both open and exclusive @i-act for positive mental health and wellbeing from 7 April.

But we thought you would be interested to know more about our lead partner and Associate, Diane Gibbons, and what the i-act courses present to a multitude of organisations, their leaders and managers, and to their workforces.

Our Virtual Assistant, Kayleigh Brown, interviewed Diane Gibbons about her motivations for training to become an #iact #instructor, and draws out what the courses she instructs can deliver to organisations and individuals

Tap on the link to read the interview in full on LinkedIn

To book onto Diane’s course which takes place on 7 April, simply follow this link:

Or, to find out more about our courses or talk to one of the team, email, and we would be happy to help.