Act of Gratitude #4

Gratitude #4 – The opportunity to #learn. 2020 truly pushed us out of our comfort zone, seeing us experiment in ways we may otherwise have been dubious about. The term #fastfail resonates as we tried new things, learnt from them, and improved for next time.

Although not perfect, we’ve worked hard on our #virtualpresence, including website and social media activity.  We’ve made #oysteroutcomes a living, breathing entity that we hope even those who aren’t working with us, can engage with, and find points of interest in. Working as frugally as possible has meant much of this work has been done ‘in-house’ (literally ;).

Lockdown stress-tested our #remoteworking capabilities, and we’re now well exposed to whole host of #virtualworking environments and #webinar platforms. We even took part in a #podcast with The Brand Education and Carnival Content Ltd,  something we may have shied away from previously.

We’re grateful for the people we’ve learnt from, deepening our expertise in #education. Whilst we’re certainly open to business from a wide range of sources, 2020 has been the year of working with #educationalists, and we have grown so much as a result.

I first learnt about #learningorganisations when I completed my degree in 1999. I now know what that term really means.