Oyster Outcomes Coaching Philosophy

Coaching, Coaching Supervision and Mentoring

As the pace of our working lives continues to accelerate, it has never been more important for individuals and teams to find a safe, confidential space to think, plan and develop their ideas. Our diverse pool of skilled and experienced Associate Coaches share a deep commitment to enabling our clients to capitalise on their own resources. Our coaches support clients to structure their goals and realise their outcomes. They all abide by our Oyster Outcomes values, as well as the ICF (International Coaching Federation) Code of Ethics*.  This includes attending regular supervision and CPD events to continue enhancing their skills. 

Our Associates hold coaching qualifications gained from a range of highly rated suppliers including: Barefoot (ICF endorsed), City & Guilds and Henley Business School. Many Associates are used to working with people from all levels of the organisation, up to and including CEOs. They have worked cross sector – with commercial, public and voluntary sector organisations – although collectively they offer a particularly strong body of experience in the retail and higher education sectors. Much of their work has involved supporting substantial organisational change, with additional specialisms in: personal development; team facilitation; line manager development; planning and organisation; and personal confidence and the realisation of career ambitions. They can provide coaching support via phone, web and face to face meetings (location dependent), with some also able to schedule sessions in the evenings and at weekends.



Not only does a coaching environment provide people with a purposeful time-out, it ‘allows people to think, make connections and to access higher brain structures which lead to breakthroughs in thinking’.**

Coaching has been proven to improve productivity and performance, and delivers a return on investment for both the individual and the sponsoring organisation***. It is also a highly targeted form of personal and professional development. 

Our Associates help our clients move towards their desired outcomes, tapping into the resources they already have to hand and building their confidence and motivation in the process.


By working with one of our Associates to test your thinking and identify new solutions, you can tap into someone else’s insights and experience as you develop your strategies and approach. 

Our Associates host an enviable depth and breadth of experience in many disciplines. These include:

  • Board directorship
  • Learning and development
  • Organisational design
  • Marketing, communications and engagement
  • Organisational strategy
  • Academic expertise in Meteorology and Psychology 
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Independent assurance and governance

Coaching Supervision

As recognition of the power of coaching has grown, more of our clients are creating their own bank of in-house coaches. It’s crucial that all coaches attend regular coaching supervision, and the ICF recommends undertaking supervision for every 20 hours of coaching time spent. We are able to provide in-house coaching teams with highly cost-effective and qualified Coach Supervision, both 1:1 and in groups. 

Our Associates can also support you in designing, training and implementing your own internal network of coaches. 


How can we help your organisation achieve its goals? Send us a message today, and together we can start you on a path to success.